A good attack strategy needs preparations

Depending on your own troops and townhall level it can be really hard to make successful attacks (especially if you are in a clanwar and/or trophy raiding). Thus you should read about some good attack strategies, research your troops especially for your desired strategy and learn it by doing them yourself. Below we are going to mention the most popular and best attack strategies for every Townhall level.

Which strategies you will learn

  • Dragonspam
  • GoWiPe
  • GoWiWi
  • LavaLoon
  • Hogrider Attack
  • Hybrid Golem + LavaLoon

Attack strategy collection

Townhall Level 3 Attack Strategy

With a Townhall Level3 Town you are very limited in the variety of attack strategies. Anyways we want to help new Clashers and we recommend you the following video to learn some basics about attacking other’s towns.

Townhall Level 4 Attack Strategy

Mortars making it harder to attack other bases, thus you should definately take a look into this video which is explaining some good tips how you should attack other TH4 bases.

Townhall Level 5 Attack Strategy

Having the possibility to build Giants, Wizzards and Balloons now the variety of possible attack strategies grows massively. Take a look at the following video, which shows you several interessting attack strategies which will lead you also to 3-star attacks in your clanwar!

Townhall Level 6 Attack Strategy

At a Townhall Level 6 you finally can level up your barracks so you can train healers. I am pretty sure you saw them already and you have already waited for them. Our favorite attacking strategy is using healers with for giants + some wizards. Take a look at this video, which explains this and other attack strategies for all Townhall Level 6 clasher.

Townhall Level 7 Attack Strategy

It is time for the dragen era. Until a maxxed TH8 base, attacking with dragons only is a real powerful attacking strategy. This is why we highly recommaned you to use a anti air base for clanwars, which you can find in our base design area. This way of attacking looks pretty easy, but you have to pay attention for some things in order to make safe that the dragons will not just fly around the base and avoid air defenses and/or the townhall. In the video you will get a good explanation of how to do this.

Townhall Level 8 Attack Strategy

While attacking with dragons only in clanwars is still a good attacking strategy (also against maxxed th8 towns) there is another really powerful and kinda simple attacking strategy. Also a more advance attacking technique called GoWiPe, which will take a major role for higher Townhall Levels is really interessting for a Townhall 8 clasher. Make sure your troops are levelled high enough to succeed with your attacks.

Townhall Level 9 Attack Strategy

Once you hit up Townhall level9 it is going to be more complex to bash bases with a 3-star attack. Finally you got the beast level5 hogriders, but you have also got LavaHounds and Level 6 Balloons, which are combined are really strong war army. Unfortunately it is not that easy anymore, to master such attacks, but training them will help you – and I can ensure you it will not become easier for TH 10.

Townhall Level 10 Attack Strategy

To attack high levelled Townhall 10 bases is of course the hardest job. Nevertheless others have the same problem like you and you only need to make sure, that you are going to do your attacks better than your opponents. Usually a 2-star attack on a similar TH10 base (or your own number in clan wars) should be possible and maybe even necessary if you are in a good clan. In the following video you can find some videos which show you possible ways to 2-star or even 3-star TH10 (maxxed) bases.